Argentum’s Song – Prologue


This is a story of dreams come true.

Your heir shall be a champion. Deliverance from darkness will come through the hand of your seed.”

Ferus had promised this when Simon found the Warren and Argentum’s source.  Simon clung to the fact that he could not fulfill this prophesy while childless. He used the invincibility this granted to gather Warriors and push the weirs from the valley.

Afterwards, Simon married Leah. They named their son “Argent” after Ferus’ pure gift. Every dawn Simon placed his hand on Argent’s head and prayed.

May the Argentum deposited here, reach its full potential to Ferus’ glory.”

Simon knew his son could grow into the man who would destroy the Beast and eradicate the infection … given time.

However, a horde was approaching the valley now, and Simon was no longer invincible.

Also, Argent didn’t dream of impaling weirwolves.

Argent dreamed of freedom from the heavy duty to Ferus that Simon lay on him.

He also dreamed scenes of horror and failure that caused him to dread the night.

This is a story of dreams come true.

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