24a (Argentum’s Song – PG)

Chapter Twenty Four

Franklin smiled to himself and patted the purse at his side that had grown heavier in the past day. The sight of the huge weir running scared from Simon had knocked him back to his senses. His fate had started failing him ever since he allowed himself to stop believing in himself, in his own destiny. As long as he had been acting like a victim, of course he would be taken advantage of by the world. The trick was to remember who he really was. That he was one of the ones whose will the world was supposed to bend to.

He could feel his body respond as he switched his mentality, burying any guilt or fear by reminding himself of who he was and what he was capable of. His arm was already feeling stronger and his mind was certainly feeling sharper.

Yes there might be weirs loose in these mountains, but they were mindless beasts. If even a barbarian was sharp enough to make them run scared, then certainly Franklin could think of something to keep them at bay. He just had to use his mind and remember he was the hunter, they were the prey.

Yes there might be a contract holding him to indenture somewhere in Phoentown, but right now he was free with no witnesses alive to tell of his escape. Even if some bounty hunter did find him and lay claim to that contract in the future, he had the perfect alibi showing he was busy fulfilling his contract in the purse at his hip.

To top all of this off fate had even dropped a fortune right at his feet. He’d been too blinded by sentiment to see it at the time but now he had a plan and he wasn’t about to make that same mistake again. Soon he would not only be free but independently wealthy, liberated even from his father controlling his actions by holding back portions of his allowance.

Franklin unstrapped himself from the harness of the crude sledge he had fashioned from scavenged parts of Walt’s ambushed cart and the abandoned camp he had raided before. Free of that load he ducked into the cavern containing his future happiness.

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