3. Hope …

Two years had passed since my husband and I married, and still no pregnancy. We were busy traveling here and there with work and studying, so didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. And besides I had a dream about having a baby in my 34th year and that hadn’t ended yet. I felt when praying that I just needed to be patient. Now I was in the kitchen helping my sister-in-law pack up the cutlery for their big move to prepare for their international adoption, as we had told them we would.

“Would you mind getting that box over there?”

Should I tell her? It had only happened this morning … but how else could I explain refusing to lift today?

“I can’t today … I think I got a positive pregnancy test this morning, the line is faint, but I might be pregnant.”

She was happy for us, but my hesitancy affected both of our reactions. Still, I decided that I needed to be “careful” and my sister-in-law was fine with that, which relieved my mind. Although having grown up with a strong work ethic and a sense that it is right to follow through with your word, I felt guilty for not helping out as much as I usually would.

But I had to prioritize protecting Baby.

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