21. On that same (un)ordinary day …

What’s happening?”

We’re moving … again.”

Moving? Like eight years ago?”

Yes I’m sure of it … don’t you remember?”

I think so …”

While their bodies were still inside the semi translucent plastic that seemed like their skin after being in it for so long, the whole container of what had held the essence of who they were was being moved. For a brief moment they saw bursts of brightness and moving blurs. As they were starting to adjust to this new brilliance, they were put into another container.

Well at least we’re going together.”

Wherever it is we’re going …”

In a few minutes, there was no more light and then soon there was a gentle rhythmic bumping.


As their spirits checked in with Him, they felt His peace rush over them. They didn’t know where they were going, but they trusted Him.

What else could they do?

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