39. Dance Class

It’s so amazing,” exclaimed the little one to his Creator, “There are so many parts of me that can move. Watch this I can even do things with my mouth.” This was followed by a small sucking sound and a swallow that was noticeable in the babies throat. Immediately after this was accomplished this baby, the size of avocado, made it’s face into a slight smile, and he could feel the Creator’s joy over his development. The Creator knew also that as the little one’s muscles continued to develop that smile would become bigger and bigger. He could hardly contain the joy He felt in thinking how this one would experience so much joy in Himself. But the Creator also knew that this little one was being born into a not yet perfectly joyful world and that there would be sad looks on that little face and even tears that would fall, that He already longed to wipe away forever. As for now, He would enjoy this protected communion and watch him once again start on his daily water aerobic class. The Creator cheered, “Good job with getting that left kick down and I love the way your arms move, it looks very ‘danceful’.” “What does danceful mean”, asked the tiny mover and shaker. “You will find out some day,” the Great One said with a glimmer in His eye, “for now just enjoy this.”

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