45. Hannah

Today was reading about Hannah in 1 Samuel in the Bible. It is interesting to me that her song of praise wasn’t until she had really in action given her son to God. I felt challenged that even though I now will have a son, in reality and in my heart’s desire this little boy is God’s. And that the more I give him to do His Creator’s will and not necessarily what I would like his life to look like, the more I will be freed to truly sing a song of praise to my Lord. But what does that mean in my heart attitude and the motivation of why I do what I do as a Mom? What does this look like in the daily life? In the choices I make in how to protect his little heart, but also give opportunity for our boy to risk in loving… am I willing to let go and trust when Jesus prompts me? I am sure many parents through the years have wrestled through these questions. I realize I now join the ranks of ordinary parents, but I want to trust an extraordinary capable God with my son. Would love to hear from those of you who have walked this journey in the comments.


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