46. Growing

Swish, swish, swish. Little Russell Jr. watched his fist as he swung it through the H20 environment that both confined him and kept him safe. He especially liked it when his fist would bounce off the soft surroundings of his bubble. The rebound was exhilarating, as it was unexpected. He wondered how long he would be able to play this game as he seemed to be getting bigger and his whole body flips seemed to be much harder to succeed at. Was he getting bigger? Or was his bubble shrinking? He was almost tempted to worry and wonder what would happen, when he felt His Creator’s voice speak in his innermost being. “I know the future and I will always be with you, no matter what changes happen. So you can keep trusting me.” With that Russell Jr. mind became free again and he returned to bouncing limb game. This time he tried it with his left foot against the bubble, but it didn’t seem to bounce like his fist. His foot seemed to sink in… he liked that feeling, but not as much as knowing that he would never be alone.

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