50. An ‘ug?

“I don’t understand, why are you allowing my room to get so small. It has been weeks like this and I liked to do the flips and fun dance moves. I thought you liked them too.”

“Oh, I do,” said the Creator with a glow on His face. “Someday you will understand that I take certain things away, because I am preparing for you something even better, more designed for who you are.”

“But what could be better than doing the flips and talking with you?” questioned Russell Jr.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to talk with me during everything that is coming next, because I will never be away from you. And you will do flips again, but they will be a bit different, but ‘good’. Can you trust me?”

“Yes, I can. You have never let me down.” said Russell Jr. softly as both his arms and legs pressed against his seemingly shrinking home.

Suddenly, his home walls become hard and not flexible to all his strength. He even felt squished a bit. “What was that? It has been happening a lot these days,” his high pitched voice cried.

“That is called a ‘hug’.”

“An ‘ug?”

“Almost, but not exactly,” the Great One said through smiling lips. “It is what needs to happen for you to come out of this small room to experience all that I have for you. You will be experiencing more and more of them until you come out, but don’t be afraid. Imagine that the squeezing times are My arms and know that they won’t squeeze too hard, because indeed my arms are around you and you will be safe.”

As his closest Companion spoke, little Russell felt something impact the way he was feeling. He felt calm and content.* He wasn’t sure if the Creator himself was giving him a supernatural shot of feel good medicine as he was speaking or if it was coming from his room that he was still interconnected with, but either way he was now convinced that every truly “good” thing came from the One who made him. He relaxed and imagined that his yet smaller quarters were the Creator’s ‘ug and drifted into sleep. When he woke up he knew He would be closer to the new room that he could do flips in and that the Creator would be there with him.

***This often happens via the oxytocin that is released in the mother’s body during labour. (https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/wellbeing/what-birth-feels-like-for-a-baby-1.355610)

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