53. Our (in)fertility journey final post.

Thank you for journeying with us through this (in)fertility blog. Doubtlessly, you will be hearing more about our son through the years on our blog site here, but this part of the journey has now transitioned and so we will pause the story here. If you have been reading regularly, you probably have picked up some of the reasons we felt to be so open in our journey. We want to bring awareness to the path that many couples now walk with infertility (1 in 6 we have heard). We desire at least some of them not feel as alone in their journey and reach out to others. (A website we recommend is: hannah.org ) We also have wanted to just plain share our journey with some that might be interested and to be stretched in being creatively vulnerable.

We hopefully have not offended, but brought attention to the unborn, even little embryos. And even if you do not agree with our take on their “life” status, we hope that we have brought more awareness to the option of embryo adoption / donation that is now available.  Both for those who struggle with infertility and those who don’t.

Our prayer for you is that somehow you would have also sensed the love of God and care for you personally through sharing our story as well. Again, thank you for listening to our story and we would love to hear yours. And in this place of mutual sharing, we hope to continue the journey together.

Alex, Rusty & Russell Jr.

Resources and links for understanding more about embryo adoption / donation:

In Canada: www.beginnings.ca

In the United States: Snowflakes

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