My 20-month-year-old ray of sunshine’s newest word is cat. I love the way he says it, although it could be confused for other words in different languages, as he loves the back of the throat sound.

Earlier, as we were in the midst of our morning routine, he focused on the three shiny silver letters on my night shirt that were at his eye level. He is familiar with a few letters, so he knew they were letters and wanted to learn. I told him about the “g”, then the “e”, and then the “t” and gave sounds to them a few times. He then looked at me with confidence in his eyes and said “khat”. How could I not respond with joy and a smile.

This afternoon I was getting him ready for his nap and again “get” caught his eye*. He smiled at me as he pronounced “khat” firmly. I mentioned to him again how those letters sounded, but also realized that it would be hard to for him to fully comprehend at the stage he is in. I want him to have confidence that he is learning and growing well, so I didn’t over emphasize it.

As he feel asleep in my arms, my mind drifted to how we interpret what our Heavenly Father shares with us. There have been many times when I am quite confident that I have heard a direction clearly to go somewhere or do something that has been put on my heart from God. However**, looking back at some of these story lines that are more complete now, I see that maybe there was some interpretations that was according to the my personal shaped and sized learning box about how God works. In His mercy, what if our Father at times is not to strong with us about correcting what we are thinking is His leading, because He knows that as we grow we will discover a much bigger box of His ways and guidance. We eventually will learn the full abc’s and even some more of the ways that God might possible put them together in our lives. He encourages us by the smile on his face as He knows we are trying to please Him and are little by little learning His ways. What a gracious Father. This kind of patience makes me want to know Him more. And in the knowing Him more, I learn to know His voice more.


*Yes that is right, there are days when I still have my sleep shirt on come little one’s nap time. Lol, such is life. Life to the very full.

**I do absolutely believe God can guide us and clearly, but also think we are all in process of how to interpret His voice in our contexts.

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