2. Looking Back

Before we go forward in this story, I think it would be beneficial to look back…

For as long as I can remember I have loved babies. Even as a child, I volunteered in the church nursery just to be around them. I would day dream of finding and caring for abandoned babies in the bushes around where we lived. My Creator had some other adventures for me for many years that didn’t include life with babies, but I still enjoyed when I could be around small children and babies.

I got married and very quickly my mind started to go to babies, especially when my period came late that first month. But no, I wasn’t pregnant and am glad I didn’t know then the journey I would walk over the next decade and a bit. Another example of how God is rather smart … if by smart you mean “unbelievably wise beyond comprehension.”.

I hope that in a decade, future me can see God’s love in not allowing me to know everything I want to know now, the same way I can, looking back on past me.


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