Rusty’s 1st Bee Story – Part 3

Trying hard not to scratch Rusty returned to his room, finished changing and snuck into the back of the chapel a little late. Rus waved him over to a spot of pew he had saved.

“Did you get help? Your face looks a lot worse.”

Rusty felt at his now lumpy face and nodded.

“She said I just have to sleep it off.”

Rus shrugged and returned to singing worship songs.

Rusty tried to join the worship, but the itching was driving him crazy. He tapped Rus on the shoulder.

“Would you pray with me for God to heal me?”

Rus nodded and they prayed. Among other things Rusty added.

“I can’t sit here clawing at my skin the whole service, it would be distracting to everyone else. Please heal me, I know you can. But if you don’t I’ll just go back to the cabin and sleep.”

Rusty tried to sit through one more worship song but eventually gave up and left the building, making it as far as the attached prayer chapel before lying down on a pew there and falling asleep.

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