5. ??

(Trust me this will make more sense in a few entries.  For now, just know that the italicized entries are from a different perspective.)

During Alex’s 34th year:

The little one and the tiny bit littler one looked at each other and smiled. They didn’t have eyes, but they could see. Sometimes their vision was like they were outside of their being, sometimes like they were visualizing from inside what was understood to be their mass. What they knew for sure was that they were alive and they saw many things. Somethings that are too hard to describe in mere words, somethings looked very much like what other lives would see with natural eyes. They could also sense spiritually.

They experienced their Creator’s presence joining their smile, this became their primary comfort. They sensed what He dreamed for them together to adventure in and realized it was also what they truly wanted. These little ones knew they had great potential, a destiny to bring more true life out of their life with the Creator. Day by day they sensed themselves growing, developing, and they knew that even though they were very small, that big things were ahead of them. There was a limit over how much they knew, however, they decided to simply be content with the presence of this Loving One and each other. What else could they do?

Then something changed…

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