13. Delays

We were told in July 2016 that we might be pregnant within a few months, if everything lined up. However, that was not our journey. I had our adoption profile book done within a couple weeks of the application process, but our medical files and other necessary files to go forward with embryo adoption were being held up. So we needed to wait and redo several documents, but it was in this part of the journey, that I heard God’s still small voice.

“If you focus on the destination, you will miss so much along the way.”

And what do you know, He was right. There were so many opportunities to have meaningful conversation with people I met along the way, from getting a lot of blood taken, to sitting in clinics, to going to various medical personal to get paperwork filled out. Opportunities to share about why I have the joy that I have and chances to share about open embryo adoption.

We found that even in our medical community, embryo adoption is not widely known about as an infertility option. So yes, struggling with patience at times, but seeing the greater purposes in the delays, we entered the next phase. In November of 2016, we were finally eligible to be matched with available embryos.


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