16. Is this it?

We were told that if we waited a month or so there were a few new families that were going through the process of donating their embryos. Beginnings went through the list of families that had two embryos and one particular couple stood out to us. After a couple months, things started moving.

“Rusty, we got it!”

“Got what, a half an hour until Game’s Night starts?”

“Ha, ha – No.  We got the profile from the family we were the most interested in,” I not so patiently explained.

“I will read it tomorrow, so I don’t think about it all night.”

“I guess I can wait that long,” I winked. “So what still needs to be done for set up?”

After reading it, we sat on it for a few days, to sense where the peace and joy we felt was sourced from. We did feel a potential rightness about going ahead with being matched with this family. A couple weeks after our adoption profile book was presented to them, we heard that they would like to take the next step toward seeing if this donation / adoption could work as well.

So, during the 2017 spring time, we video skyped with the family. It was very good to connect with them and both families walked away feeling that we had compatible expectations about what open embryo adoption should look like for all the children and parents involved.

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