Rusty’s Pizza Dream

Jason was sitting behind a desk chatting with a coworker on the other side of it. As they talked, the wall opposite exploded in shrapnel and a car burst through smearing the coworker and smashing through the desk leaving Jason crying in pain and bleeding out on the floor.

I awoke.

“Jesus no!”

It took a couple of breaths to register it had only been a dream … and then a couple more to feel like I wasn’t sure about the “only” part after all. It didn’t feel like a regular nightmare … it might have been but it didn’t feel like it. It felt like “more”. I felt a strong urge to pray.

I rolled out of bed and began urgently pleading for protection of Jason and his co-worker. Begging God to have his angels around him and groaning out for His will to be done in Jason’s life not the scheme’s of any enemy.

Eventually the burden passed and I felt a little confused. It was my first time experiencing something like this … was it possible that it had been a message of some sort from God? I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep.

The few days later I was talking to someone in Jason’s town.

“Hey, … did anything weird happen to Jason in the past few days?”

“No … not that I know of. Why?”

Sheepishly I told about my dream, ending with , “It must have been a pizza dream or something … sorry to bother you with it.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it, maybe He needed some extra protection. No harm done.”

I thought about it a little and then shrugged and decided they were likely right. The only reason not to pray in the situation really would have been pride of being duped by a dream. The Bible certainly spoke of God warning people in dreams sometimes … treating it that way “just in case” wasn’t really that big of a deal.

About a month later I was visiting the town and had a newspaper tossed at me by the friend I had phoned.

“Check out the front page.”


“Just do it.”

I looked it over and My jaw dropped when I saw it. The photo on the front page showed a car half in and half out of the office building where Jason worked.  I gave Jason a call and told him about my dream the month previous.  He chuckled and filled in some details.

“The car stopped inches from my desk and the corridor in front of it almost always has at least somebody in it that time of day. Miraculously it was empty and I didn’t get hurt. Thanks for praying and keep it up in the future if you don’t mind.”

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