25. So close!

It is hard to believe the time has come for these two little ones and I to be together. For the last week we have been in the same city as them and even several times in the same building preparing* for their arrival in the same room. In a few hours, they will be placed in me and I will welcome them with my body, soul, and spirit. No matter how long they live (although I believe they will live long lives.. eternal to be precise), I know that this is how our Creator has led. So I walk in confidence, knowing that they and He is a risk of love well worth taking. Although, I don’t know yet if they are even boys or girls, I know that my heart already loves them.

(*If you have an interest in what the ‘preparation time’ looks like for Mom and embryo, you are welcome to message me and I will share with you more privately. Keeping in mind that the preparation is different with Moms. )


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