26. Moving In

On a late autumn day, the two were just taking it all in, as the heat that was radiating into them almost stunned them speechless. As they were being taking out of their usual dark cold surrounding they saw a light, not bright, but enough to allow them to see forms of big objects moving. And one of those big things were moving them towards a clear glass sheet on a white counter. They looked at each other just before they were wooshed out of their yellow tube shell by droplets of clear warm liquid. They had almost forgotten that when they first came to be they didn’t have the shell.

Actually, this moment now reminded them of those first days of life… the warmth they felt, the deep seated feeling that they had potential for growth and much more life was starting to ooze out of every one of their few cells. For many years they had only a frozen cramped space that didn’t allow them to grow and actually they had the sense that they had shrunk but in essence were the same person, but today something was changing.

No more “yellow” surroundings, they were now soaring through space on the wings of a clear tube that was moving fast towards a tunnel. After a brief journey through their new environment they had landed were they now nestled into folds of a soft cuddly surface that was stretchable if they moved this way or that! After a couple days they found that they were being filled with energy of being connected in their new surroundings. And something unusual was happening, they looked at each other and knew it was true… They were GROWING!

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