27. Finally United :)

I can hardly believe it, the two little ones are inside of me. I will continue to speak over their lives, “You are wanted, you are loved, you are precious”.

I heard a song by Dara Maclean a few years back that I really liked that went like this; “From the day you were born and took your first breath…He was watching you…. You are wanted!”

But I don’t know if I like the song as much now, as I know that the Creator has been watching over my babies since that day they were conceived in IVF. He has been speaking to their spirits, comforting them, making Himself known to them in peace beyond understanding during the waiting. Their lives have been “wanted” and counted blessings, not burdens by their Creator. And they are wanted and loved by us now as well.

O my babies, I don’t know how many days you each will live, thousands and thousands or just a few, but I rejoice in this day I have with you. I know your number of days are out of my control, but I know He is watching over you. Matthew 10: 29-31 hit me in a new way today. “Are not two sparrows sold for one penny, yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father… so do not be afraid, You (two little ones) are worth more than many sparrows.”

So the little ones have been in me for six days and I am feeling the effects of them nestling in deeply to my uterus lining. I have been reminded of scripture that has spoke to me of adoption in years past in Psalm 87. Verse five saying, “This one and that one were born of her, and the Most High himself will establish her.”

Verses 4 – 7 are also powerful statements about how God adopts us – and many people in the past – into His kingdom, even though we were not genetically part of His family. The Lord God actually adopts these so intensely that He writes us in the “registry” saying this one is born here, they are part of the family, no denying it. These verses touch me deeply as the little ones are not genetically ours, but it will still be written, “This one and that one were born of her.” They will be loved just as much as if we had genetically connected children. But it also touches me deeply, because I realize in a deeper way that God’s love and grace has made it possible that I can be part of His family.


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