28. Settling in

Wow, what a few days it had been. They had enjoyed the couple of days of playing bumper cars and watching each other and themselves grow. The littlest of little ones had grown 200 percent faster then the his brother and had almost caught up again after losing half of his mass in the thaw. And then they both hatched. Again!

Here they thought they only had one shell that they were rid of after so many years when they had landed in their new surroundings this week. This shell was different though, not as thick and confining, and it felt like this coming out was just part of the process, not like “why did that thing have to be around me”. Soon after they hatched, they had this strange hunger like feeling and thought to themselves,

I wonder if our new container is more then just fun to bounce off of. I wonder if we could connect to it and get some yum-yums.”

So the bigger one tried first to hook into the warm wall nearest him, as the littlest blastocyst watched with wide cellular eyes. Soon they both discovered that their hunch was right as they choose to burrow deeper and deeper into the cuddly stretchable organism that seemed to accept them so far.

They found that they were being filled with energy at being connected with their surroundings in a whole new way then they had ever experienced in their short, but not so short lives. Somehow they knew that this connection was key in becoming all that their Creator designed for them to be in Him, just like they were in and vitally attached to this organism, so this was part of their destiny with Him. Although there was definitely a mystery in it all, just like there was such a mystery in what was happening to their bodies.

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