29. Stats vs Hopes

Three more days until the blood test and today I woke up feeling anxious and a bit fearful about what would happen. I mean I felt the implantation cramps on the exact right days and saw the right coloured blood, but why do I still struggle with the anxiety? Even though there are signs that they are living and growing in me, I know that nothing is for sure, except the fact that God has the three of us in His hands for eternity. I guess because of past disappointments, and listening to other ladies’ stories puts a dapper on the faith of what I feel you are personally telling me. I need to listen to the story you are telling me more carefully. The stats say that both of them surviving is around 15 percent and I am guessing with the littlest one losing so much of it’s mass, the percentage chance is less than 10 percent. But God doesn’t always work according to the percentages, as You do supernaturally intervene according to your best plan through this broken world. I ask for your supernatural intervention in whatever way You know is best.


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