30. Loved

The little ones had now counted 10 times that the warm, embracing, accepting being they were in had stopped moving for a long time. Not that the movement bothered them at all, it was just interesting how the part of the being they were in would become more relaxed and their movements would have predictable responses. Except that one night that this being must have laid more on where they were, because the other side of the wall of their personal cavity was mighty close to their quickly developing cells. Even that few hours was still a lot nicer than those tubes they were in for so long. As they could feel each other’s presence, their Creator’s presence, and it felt like love was oozing from the very container they were in… speaking over them, “You are wanted. You are precious. You have great worth.” They understood in a deeper way what the Creator had been speaking to them so many times through the years.

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