31. The Test

I did it! I took a home pregnancy test. After I glanced at it, as I was pulling it away from my body, I flipped it over not quite ready to face what would likely be the last pregnancy test I took in my life. I spent a couple minutes praying in the midst of the strong feeling that it would always be like before.. disappointing.

The glimpse I had seen was a “negative” result, so I was trying to prepare myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the news. A few minutes later, I was ready and flipped the test over again.

Sincerely, my response was shock when I saw a very strong positive result. I felt like I was in a dream, like I had been psyching myself out (because of some type of protective mechanism), and now reality was hitting me again. Yes, I was pregnant, these little ones were alive in me and the prayers and the love were not for nothing. The blood test the next day would again clarify this joyful, but life changing fact.


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