32. Development

This was fun! They looked at each other in a way only two embryos that have been together for nine plus years could do. They were remembering their beginning days and also when they were thawed and wooshed into their home by a similar consistency of liquid surrounding them. For the last few days, their swishing room was growing consistently in the translucent circular swimming pools that encompassed them.

They also were aware of their continual development, although they didn’t know what they were becoming, they had an acute sense that it was something good. The littlest one barked sweetly to the other little one, “It almost looks like you have a tail, it is kind of cute. Mine is a bit more stubby.”

The little one spoke gently back, “Yours will come, I have a feeling, don’t worry.” They had a special relationship right from the beginning. Both were developing a tube like structure through their beings, so they were becoming less circular. These changes were what most changes can be for any of us, causing us to reflect and trust or causing us to fear. They choose to trust their Creator, as they continued to sense that all these changes were very important in what was to come and for their destiny. After all … what else could they do?

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