33. My Part vs. His

It is becoming more in my complete understanding that the little ones are indeed growing inside of me. I have less energy, so they can have more energy. I eat more carefully, so they can have the best of nutrients flowing into them. The magnitude of the life changes before me are also hitting as I have had quite of bit of freedom in my 42 years. But yes like with any changes, there is a choice before me to reflect and trust or to fear.

I am choosing, although not always perfect in it, to trust in my dependable Creator, who has already brought me through so much when I have lived in different cultures and walked through many dangers. I know His peace will be perfect for motherhood. Even if, and I pray I do have, twins. The second blood test seemed to point to the possibility of what You already know, but will be confirmed by the ultrasound in now less than a two week wait.


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