34. Thoughts about Mary

Thinking about Mary (the one in the Bible, mother of Jesus), because of the way God orchestrated things, many things in her life were unpredictable and probably not the way that she dreamed. But I am sure that if I could sit down and talk with her today, she wouldn’t have traded a thing. She forfeited her honeymoon, having a house nice and ready for her first baby to come, and her reputation. I have been struggling just with one of those things, we are in transition right now in several areas of our lives and even have another family living in our home at this time.

I want to laugh at the timing of God directing us to move on embryo adoption, as for years before this one, we had at least one spare bedroom and most of our stuff was not packed in boxes. I also think of my age, I will be just about 43 when these little ones come, definitely not the time line I would have picked, but I feel His leading through it all.

Did we miss Him somewhere, somehow? I am sure in something, some capacity we have, we all miss it and will be shocked in heaven how much our Saviour’s grace have covered our mistakes. However, I strongly sense His leading through this embryo adoption journey and that this is His plan. This is the time and place He has picked to trust Him in new ways that His grace will be enough, like it was for Mary. And I choose the joy of the Lord that made Mary sing in Luke 1:49, “for the Mighty One has done great things for me – holy (awesome, worthy of all my praise) is His name.” I feel incredibly privileged to be the mother of these two little ones.


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