35. Heartbeats

Hey do you hear that thumping coming from yourself?” the littlest one asked.

Yes, I have been hearing it for a while now.” said the little one. “I feel more and more ‘here’ the more I grow.”

He laughed and pumped the paddle like structures, two near his head and two near his shrinking tail. These “paddles” allowed him to move more easily in the liquid he rested in.

The littlest one laughed to.

Life is good.”

He smiled and settled down to sleep. The thumping in the little one’s chest was neat … but as close as it was, the Creator’s heartbeat felt closer still. They never knew what exactly their Creator had for them next in this crazy journey, but so far He had proven that He would never leave or forsake them. Why doubt now?

Life is an adventure!”

After doing one more little flip assisted by his new technology, the little one, realizing he wasn’t going to convince the littlest one to join him in exercising, yawned and decided to join his brother in sleep instead.

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