36. What else could they do?

One day the Creator approached them and said. “Littlest one, I have a new adventure for you … do you trust me?”

Of course.”

Then I need you to come with me I have a new role for you to play in my creation.”

The Littlest one jiggled with joy.

A special role … for me?”

The creator smiled and nodded. The Little one was excited too.

O good when do we go?”

We, the littlest one and I, go now … but we, you and I, need to stay longer yet … I’m not done with you on this earth …. I need you to receive and give more love here.”

The two siblings looked at each other in shock … to be separated … after so long having only had each other …

But you didn’t only have each other did you.” The creator said in response to their thoughts. You’ve always had me, and you always will. And it won’t be long, though it may feel long, until you are reunited. Trust me.”

What else could they do?

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