37. Grieving again

Early in week 8, we had to travel for work to the states.  The business of the time had pushed down the grief and full reality of the moment when we had seen the ultrasound monitor the day before we left Canada.  Our littlest one had disappeared and was no longer with us, his Creator had called him home.  We were stunned, as we really thought both would survive into this world. And we found the next weeks a strange place to be, as we rejoiced that the ultrasound revealed that we had a strong little one, but we grieved as the littlest one who was gone. Joy and grief all wrapped into one time frame. I think God must understand how we feel as He longs for all His children, but some will never be in His arms. At least I get to see and hug my two little ones that I can’t hold on this earth in heaven.

Encourage you to listen to “Glory Baby” by Watermark and “They Called Him Laughter”, by Micheal Card to understand a bit more or be comforted yourself.


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