38. Alone but not …

It had been a few weeks since the little one’s twin had gone quiet, still, and the realization that his sibling was gone stung in his wee beating heart. If he had the ability to have a facial expression, it would have been of sorrow for those hours of realization that his twin was not present in the womb with him anymore. He couldn’t fully comprehend why the Creator needed them to be separate for awhile for adventures with Him, but there was that peace that passes all his understanding that kept soothing him, like it had when they had been waiting for so many years for the full purpose of their little lives to be more revealed. There was also great joy and discovery in these weeks, it felt like every day something new was happening to his body. He could sense and do things that were not even known to him the day before.

Developing into more of who You have designed me to be and adventuring with You is sure exciting but I feel sleepy a lot too.” he whispered as he floated into his sleep world again.

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