7. Comfort in the Freeze

Where were they going? They didn’t like small spaces, they needed room to grow. But even in the moments of being sloshed into their shell they felt the peace and comfort of their Creator whispering to their spirits, “I’ve got you, just rest in me, there is more to come.”

As their environment changed from light to dark, from warm to freezing, they continued to hear His reassuring voice. Many days would pass in these surroundings for these two little ones and many days the Spirit of their Creator whispered to their spirits, “I am with you, do not fear.”

They responded, “What else can we do? We trust in you.”

And they waited and rested.

He sang over them, “Don’t you see that I formed you, before you were born, I knew you, can’t you see that my plans for you are good… can’t you see I have engraved you in the palms of my hands.”

And they waited and rested.

(inspired by – Jeremiah 49:16)

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