9. Waiting

Six years had passed and nothing had changed, they felt stuck and restless at times, but His presence always brought them back to a place of peace. When their home had changed and the big freeze had come they had stopped growing and even feeling movement from place to place had ceased. They didn’t know what needed to happen for them to start growing again and to shed this yellow shell that they had gained during the change.

However, the Creator would speak over them many times,“I know you and have loved you with an everlasting love, even though you have yet to be formed in a womb.” Even though they could not grasp the concept of a womb, they knew it was something that needed to happen to be connected with the destiny the Creator had for them. All they could do was trust their Creator. And in that trust was great peace and waves of His love constantly washing over them.

(Inspired by – Jeremiah 1:5; 31:3)

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