Rusty’s 1st Bee Story – Part 5

Ultimately I’ll just be telling my story and trying to point to His enoughness, how He is the pearl that is worth any cost.

Speaking of my story.

I woke up before the end of the song they had been singing when I fell asleep. I felt different. I ran my fingers over my face with it’s normal proportions restored. I pulled my shirt off and looked myself over. There wasn’t a single splotch of red or swelling anywhere. Then I turned my right hand over and saw one tiny red spot left in the middle of it. I looked up.

“You missed one … just kidding, this is great. Thanks so much!”

I pulled my shirt back on and bumped into my parents as I returned to he service. They’d seen me earlier and were preparing to take me to the hospital. Their eyes widened in amazement as they looked me over, I got a similar reaction from Rus as I squeezed back into the pew beside him.

Why did He leave the one spot? Well, over night that one spot swelled until my hand was the size of a softball. It remained that way for the next couple of days. Maybe to warn me that all of them would have swollen that much and it would be a good idea for me to get an EpiPen?

Also, as I walked around with a hand the size of a softball people tended to ask me.

“Hey Rusty, why is your hand the size of a softball?”

Giving me a chance to tell my story.


Have me read the full story to you at:

Bee Story #1 small file

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