12. Embryo Adoption?

A little later, I felt prompted to go to a website of Focus on the Family pertaining to adoption – “Waiting to Belong”. I had gone there four years ago and nothing clicked, but this time I went to the bottom of the page and saw a couple sentences about …

“What is Embryo Adoption? Is that a thing?” I thought.

I researched for a few minutes about Snowflakes and discovered that yes, this is a thing … a thing that has been happening for over a decade now. Three to five day old embryos that have been frozen are adopted and then develop and are born from the adoptive mother’s body.

“Is this you, God?”

I immediately had peace about it and surprisingly Rusty did as well, even from the first minutes of looking at the information before us. It was like one of those light bulb moments that we have a few times in our lives. We looked into Snowflakes and loved their open adoption program, but felt that we wanted to be a part of seeing Open Embryo Adoption (EA) grow in Canada. In the end we started pursuing EA with Beginnings in Ontario, Canada. We thought it would be quick and easy, as hadn’t all the hard stuff been behind us?


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